Alison Krauss + Union Station


Clyde Auditorium


Recorded by sappororamen - seat B4,effectivly front row right hand side

Lineage - Edirol R09>wav>Lilith>flac

volume of the show(pa) was pretty low on the night,surprisingly so.
Recording has come out well,but a little bit low.
Decided to upload as no other U.K. shows have surfaced

setlist - not 100% confident though.corrections welcome.

01. Paper Airplane
02. Dust Bowl Children
03. Whofs Your Uncle
04. Daylight
05. Sinking Stone
06. Let Me Touch You for Awhile
07. Ghost in This House
08. Baby, Now That Ifve Found You
09. Rain Please Go Away
10. Sawing on the Strings
11. Wild Bill Jones
12. Every Time You Say Goodbye
13. Jerry Douglas dobro instrumental medley
14. Pastures of Plenty
15. The Boy Who Wouldnft Hoe Corn
16. Dimming of the Day
17. Lie Awake
18. Searching
19. Stay
20. Bonita and Bill Butler
21. Miles To Go
22. Man of Constant Sorrow
23. Any Old Time
24. Oh, Atlanta
25. When You Say Nothing at All
26. Whiskey Lullaby
27. Down to the River To Pray
28. Your Long Journey
29. There Is a Reason