Alison Krauss and Union Station
featuring Jerry Douglas
November 14, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Convention Center Arena

Time Frame:
concert started at @8:00PM
concert ended at @10:00PM
Files transfered via usb @10:30PM
Listened to till 11:00PM
Files encoded and edited 11-12:19PM
Tracking till 12:39PM
Encoded to FLAC 12:40AM-12:53 AM
FFP and SBE tested 12:53AM-12:58 AM
Art: Ticket Scanned/Edited by Phempa 12:45 AM-1:55 AM
A Few Bongs In Between...
Seeded to Lossless Legs 2:00AM

A **GEMS** Production November 14/15, 2006
A Phempa and Jamie Source

Recording Info:
MM-MCSM-4 (cardioids)->MM-EBM-1(roll-off @ 16hz)->M-Audio24/96 Microtrack->48/24 wav file
(Big Thx to JAZ for the loan of the stealth lil M-Audio; we needed it for this venue)
from IRC Chat...
01:16 <&bliggy> how'd u guys have them mounted?
01:16 <~Phempa> in my crotch
01:16 <~Phempa> lol
01:16 <~Phempa> direct from the phempa's crotch
01:18 <~Phempa> well
01:18 <~Phempa> clipped to the bottom of my shirt
01:18 <~Phempa> resting on my lap

Editing Info:
Wavelab6.0- 48/24 wav file->BBE(2.5/2.5/0),L3(levels/dither),Crystal SRC->44.1/16
FLAC Level8 in TradersLilHelper SBE FREE

-very strict security for taping
-nice sounding recording, left side (from Jerry Douglas' speaker side)
-19 tracks, not labeled.
-Thanks to Mom for the tickets and a nice evening. This recording is for her. Enjoy!
-CD Cover art By Phempa

19 tracks