Alison Krauss & Union Station feat. Jerry Douglas
Paper Airplane Tour part II
Johnny Mercer Theatre at the Savannah Civic Center
Savannah, GA


Lineage: SP-BMC-12 omnis > Sony PCM-10 (24-bit/96kHz) > USB >
Audacity for tracking, compression of audience peaks, added gain and slight bass roll-off >
16-bit WAV > TLH > FLAC (8)

Location: All the way house left, second row behind the pit.

Taper's notes: The acoustics weren't the best in my location. The guy in front of me decided
to sing along with Jerry's Paul Simon instrumental, and people got pretty chatty during the
encore. Despite all that, a good result for my first recording, IMO. Listen for Dan to start
singing when he isn't supposed to during "Sinking Stone."

Share it lossy if you want. The music should be free for everybody.



1. Paper Airplane
2. Dust Bowl Children
3. Who's Your Uncle
4. Alison intro
5. Daylight
6. Sinking Stone
7. Let Me Touch You for a While
8. Ghost in This House
9. Baby Now That I've Found You
10. Ron Block intro
11. Rain Please Go Away
12. Sawing on the Strings
13. Wild Bill Jones
14. Every Time You Say Goodbye
15. Jerry Douglas intro
16. Jerry Douglas solo medley: American Tune (Paul Simon) > Spain (Chick Corea) > Randy Lynn Rag (Earl Scruggs)
- suggested CD split -
17. Pastures of Plenty
18. The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
19. Dimming of the Day
20. Dan Tyminski intro
21. Man of Constant Sorrow
22. Barry Bales intro
23. Oh Atlanta

24. When You Say Nothing at All
25. Whiskey Lullaby
26. Down to the River to Pray
27. Your Long Journey
28. There Is a Reason


The band:

Alison Krauss - fiddle, vocals
Dan Tyminski - mandolin, guitar, vocals
Ron Block - banjo, guitar, banjola, harmony vocals
Jerry Douglas - dobro, guitar, harmony vocals
Barry Bales - bass, harmony vocals