Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick 1998-02-13

The Governor Hindmarsh hotel Port Road Hindmarsh SA
03.Suicide Town
04.The Siege Of Union Street
07.The Merchant's Son
08.Harold's Best Men
09.The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away
10.A Migrant�s Lullaby

this show was dogged by connectivity issues with the mic to the deck. so half of it was unlistenable , sound is ok, but it was first ever show i used this combo of deck and mic so i may not have used my usual settings.
master D6 cas >Sony ECM 150 mic > mac pro> cd> mac pro>adobe audition 2021 > xact>sbe flac 8
recorded> edited and transferred GodzgolfBall