All Good All Star Jam
Marvin's Mt. Top
Masontown, W.V.
The All Good Festival

Source: AKG C-1000's> Sony MZ-NH 900> Sonic Stage> Traders Little Helper for flac files

01.Meat> (moe.)
02.Beat Box Jam> (moe. with Cris and Kenny from The Bridge)
03.Country Roads Freestyle> (moe. with Terry Lynch)
04.Jam> (moe. with Terry Lynch)
05.Flood In Franklin Park> (moe. with ?)
06.Woodstock> (Assembly Of Dust)
07.Up On Cripple Creek> (Assembly Of Dust)
08.We Don't Care> (Perpetual Groove)
09.Jam> (Perpetual Groove and Tea Leaf Green)
10.Sex In The 70's> (Tea Leaf Green)
11.Jam out of Sex In The 70's> (Tea Leaf Green and New Monsoon)
12.Daddy Longlegs> (New Monsoon)
13.Jam> (New Monsoon and The Nocturals)
14.Cortez The Killer> (Grace Potter & The Nocturals)
15.Meat> (moe. and Perpetual Groove)
16.Pawn Shop> (moe. and Perpetual Groove)
17.Meat (moe.)
18. Godzilla (moe.)

Thanks to Matt, J-Dub, Jermey for helpin me out at the end of this crazy night. And thanks to Tim R for askin if I need any help getting my stuff down. I'm sure I looked like I did.