Maifeld Derby is a mainly Indie / Electronic orientated festival in Mannheim, taking place at a racecourse. 4 stages, a horse aroma in the air, security people (checking for recording devices) and a wide bunch of music ranging from Jose Gonzales to Archive, Mogwai and Roisin Murphy.

There was a strict time table, once a show in place 1 or place 2 was over you had to run to the next stage at place 3 oder place 4 to catch one of the next shows in time. You (ok, me) can't do this the whole day without some ear recovery breaks.

So here's my selection:
Sophie's Earthquake, And The Golden Choir, Morgan Delt, The Allah-Las
Apach-o-Matic, Klaus Johann Grobe, Foxygen
Oracles, Thee Oh Sees, Roisin Murphy (incomplete)

5 Minutes after the psychonautic sonic attacks by Morgan Delt, The Allah-Las were the right thing to hear. Sheer midtempo power, hard to tell one song from another, so after a while I felt pretty benumbed. Nevertheless I held my recorder high and taped the whole show, but under other circumstances I'd been more cautious about the acoustic circumstances. So I didn't care about the stupid non-stop talkers near me as much as I should have.

Apart from that a pretty good recording.

01 Busman's Holiday 3:42
02 Follow You Down 2:59
03 Buffalo Nickel 2:55
04 Sandy 3:19
05 unknown (Would you give it all to me) 3:11
06 No Werewolf 2:03
07 Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) 4:22
08 Had it all 2:51
09 Ferus Gallery 3:04
10 Catalina 4:17
11 501-415 1:53
12 Calm me Down 3:36
13 Better than Mine 2:39
14 Catamaran 4:53
15 Long Journey 3:32
16 Every Girl 3:46

total: 52:55

Recorded and mastered by Wannerl
Lineage: Zoom H1 (WAV 24bit/48kHz) -> microSD -> PC -> Mastering (Wavelab) -> WAV 16bit/44kHz -> FLAC
Mastering: less low frequencies, more high frequencies.

Have fun!

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