Sutro Stage
Outside Lands Music Festival
San Francisco, Ca
August 9,2015

Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded 60 ft dead center

Schoeps MK41 w/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2015.34


Sunday- Outside Lands

After blowing Ben Harper the night before I decided to pack both sets of gear and for
some sets I planned to run both rigs. Running both rigs is quite a bit more work but it
did allow me to test the gear. I arrive a little before the doors open and finally found
parking quite a distance away. On the way to the show it was all downhill but I was
dreading the hike after the show. No problems getting in or set up. I was at the same
spot as the day before.

The first band was DMA's. I was told they were a little like Oasis, but in a good way.
My take was they were ok. Next up was a band called Allah-Las. I enjoyed them more than
the first band. This was the first band that I ran both rigs. I am posting the version
with the MK41's and NBox platinum. The sound of both rigs was virtually indistinguishable
from the MK4 RBox version. The third band was James Bay. I was asked to make sure I got
this band while another taper friend was going to capture a different act. I also enjoyed
this set. I am also posting the MK41 version. Next up was Benjamin Booker. I had heard
he was good and had some Hendrix in him. The set was a little disappointing as the sound
just seemed over amplified and distorted. I am posting the MK4 recording because the levels
on the MK41 version were a little to high. At this point I did the bathroom run to avoid
the situation from the day before. It still took almost 20 minutes but was back in time for
Sky Ferreira. She was another artist I had never heard of but would go see her again.
The band I really wanted to see followed up next. I had seen Devil Makes Three twice before
and they are a very fun and high energy band. I wished they had headlined because 50
minutes was just not enough. This set didn't disappoint. I am posting the MK4 version
because the MK41 version had a dropout. I think the cables between the preamp and recorder
was too tight given my bag was crowded with both rigs. Last up was Slightly Stoopid, a
reggae band from San Diego. My taping friend told me they were terrible and not to bother
but the folks I met a day earlier were there with me and were staying so I went for it. I
was actually pleasantly surprised. Not in the same league as Ziggy Marley or Steel Pulse
who I was seeing later in the week but definitely better than expected. Knowing another
taping friend was running his Schoeps for Elton John I called it a night rather than going
to the Land's End stage and fighting the crowd.

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