Rough Trade East (in-store)
London, UK
1st October 2019

Lineage: Olympus LS14 Recorder (internal mics) > 16 bit / 44.1 khz > amadeus pro > xld > flac
taper: rayrad

01. intro
02. Raspberry Jam
03. chat
04. Keeping Dry
05. Fish On The Sand (George Harrison)
06. On Our Way
07. chat
08. Prazer Em Te Conhecer
09. Roco Ono
10. In The Air
11. Holding Pattern (?)
12. No Werewolf >
13. Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
14. chat
15. Brittany Glasz >
16. Polar Onion
17. chat
18. Could Be You

Miles Michaud - vocals / guitar
Pedram Siadatian - vocals / guitar
Spencer Dunham - vocals / bass
Matthew Correia - vocals / drums
?? - keys

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the last time allah-las played rough trade, it was spencer dunham's birthday

and they memorably threw his cake into the audience

so when the first thing they announce tonight is that tomorrow is miles' birthday, i'm ready to duck

in the end, the only thing i have to dodge is an insanely enthusiastic girl who whirls her hands above her head with abandon - repeatedly leaps backwards into us - and feels it's worth recording on her phone the same high panning close up shot of all five band members for 60 seconds of each and every song

even though she's standing next to a woman professionally videoing the entire show...

people are strange, right?

other than that, it's a great show

the band eschew the usual sub half hour promotional slot - and instead give us 13 songs in 45 minutes

(the only one i can't reliably identify is track 11 - missing from miles' scribbled selist - but it repeats a "you got a hold on me" refrain, and the opening track on the yet to be released new record is called 'holding pattern' - so i'm guessing it's that)

as i'm plugging the gear together, i discover that the 9V in my battery box has finally crapped out after years of service

so had to tape this on the recorder's internals

but the sound is so good in RT that it came out pretty nice nonetheless

seeing them again at EartH tonight

but will be jumping around (and possibly ducking flying cakes) instead of taping - so this is it


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