Allan Holdsworth, i.o.u.
The Bottom Line

line: Master cassette > 1st gen > 2nd gen > CD-R > Flac l6 > you

Recieved in CD-r snail trade, believed to be 2nd gen.

01 Where is One?
02 Water On The Brain
03 The Things you See (When you haven't got your GUN)
04 Letters of Marque
05 White Line
06 Song for my Father (Gary Husband - Piano)
07 Out From Under
08 Drifting Into the Attack (Gas Lamp Blues)
09 Checking Out
10 Allan's Solo / Was There Something (early instrumental version)

11 Water on The Brain (Unreleased Studio track)

Allan Holdsworth - Guitars
Paul Carmichael - bass
Gary Husband - Drums and Concussion
Paul Williams - Vocals and wit (??)

I tested hiss reduction on a couple tracks, didn't like the result, so here's the untouched slightly hissy rip of my CD-r.