Allan Holdsworth Band
The Bottom Line

Taper unknown.

Lineage: believed to be Master Cassette > CD-r > WAV (Eek Tweak) > Flac lvl6 > you


01 Sand
02 Funnels
03 Three Sheets to the Wind
04 Pud Wud
05 Looking Glass
06 White Line
07 Devil Take the Hindmost
08 Distance vs Desire
09 NBC (Non-Brewed Condiment)
10 Letters of Marque
11 Atavachron

Allan Holdsworth - Guitars, Synthaxe
Jimmy Johnson - borrowed Bass
Gary Husband - Tama's and K's
Steve Hunt - Keyboards

I EQ'ed it to have a fuller bottom end. I re-indexed all tracks. I fixed some level problems on tracks 01 and 10. The level dropout in Letters of Marque happened at the source. I presume the record level got bumped then quickly corrected.
One of the better SAND recordings out there.