Well, here we go again folks ! Another great set by Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U. This one is by way of a guy I know
who had connections with the sound man from Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club in Reseda, California. This comes
right from the mixing console and is a killer recording. All except for the very last tune which is from my audience
master tape, it is all soundboard. What a great double bill actually, combining Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U. with the
Jeff Berlin Band ! Here though, is the Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U. set for you to enjoy...

MAY 11, 1982
67 minutes 35 seconds
2nd generation tape

SBD / cassette / TASCAM CD-RW 5000 CD recorder /
Sony PC / SOUND FORGE 4.5 / CD wave editor

1 Introduction
2 Where Is One
3 Water On The Brain
4 The Things You See
" When You Haven't Got Your Gun "
5 Letters Of Marque
6 White Line
7 Drifting Into The Attack
8 Checking Out
9 Was There ?
10 Out From Under * from my audience master tape
AIWA HSF1 stereo cassette recorder / 2 point mic

Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Paul Williams - vocals
Paul Carmichael - bass
Gary Husband - drums