Allan Holdsworth Trio
Beacon Theatre, NYC
Aud recording

Lineage unknown, but might be Master cassette > cassette > CD-r (recieved in trade many moons ago) > WAV (Eek tweak) > Flac lvl 5 > You

01 - Letters Of Marque
02 - Tokyo Dream
03 - Devil Take The Hindmost
04 - Home
05 - Stop Fiddling / Gas Lamp Blues

Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Danny Gottlieb - Drums

A one-of-a-kind-date featuring Ex-Pat Metheny drummer, Danny Gottlieb. I've had this since forever and traded it out a few times. I never really liked it, then after listening/tweaking it today, I've grown fond of it. It's probably not a good gig for Allan, but it's neat to hear Gottlieb Lay LOW enough to hear Allan cut loose on Chords and Solos.

I EQed the lows higher, the highs lower, and the guitar frequencies (applied a +6db 'pimple' around 500-600k), and that's it.