Alejandro Escoveda
Shea Auditorium, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

I thought this was a spectacular short acoustic opening set. Mr. Escoveda was accompanied by a guitarist and a Violinist. He got a couple of standing ovations which seemed to surprise him.

This audience recording was made from the first row. Sound quality is Excellent and was improved by good audience behavior and additional Audacity eq'ing.

Track 5, Rosalie, was performed with no amplification. I boosted the gain of the sections of the track where the audience was not participating so you could hear the band.

Not a sell out, maybe 600 people. Los Lonely Boys was the headliner and will be posted separately.

Zoom H2 recorder, 120 degree stereo > WAV > Audacity (EQ, volume boost) > CDWAV (track split) > dbPowerAmp (WAV > FLAC)

I guessed on the track names. It would be appreciated if someone could provide the correct ones. And Thank Yous are appreciated as it's the only reason I bother.

Enjoy the show!

Disc 1
01 01 Everything Will Be All Right
01 02 Wasn't I Always a Friend to You?
01 03 I Don't Know Why
01 04 I'm In Love With Love
01 05 Rosalie
01 06 Chelsea Hotel