The Allen Brothers
Summer Bluegrass Festival, Take It Easy Ranch, Callaway, MD

There seems to be some intrest for traditional bluegrass shows. Well, here's another mysterie concert. I couldn't find any reference to this one. It's not listed on etree and I found nothing on the Net. I even checked my collection of Out Of Print records, but nothing...
I have this show for a while now but I can't remember where I got it. I didn't touch the shn files and the MD5 file is ok. Please if you happen to have more info, let us know.

It's a great concert, good sounding. I love it. Most harmony singing is high lead, bariton and low tenor, the way we do it a lot in our group. My favorite is Devil's Little Angel.


Introduction - I'm on my Way Back To The Old Home
Let's say goodbye Like We Said Hello
Devil's little Angel
You will always Be Untrue
I'll never love another
Who done it
Lonesome Ruben
Where will I shelter My Sheep Tonight

Source: unknown > ? > reel > wave(Onkyo SE-U77) > CDR