Allen Collins Band - November 1983 (the date is uncertain, November 02 or 07)
The Lone Star Cafe
New York, NY

01. Just Trouble
02. Workin' For MCA
03. Chapter One
04. Ready To Move
05. Sweet Home Alabama
06. One Known Soldier
07. Hangin' Judge
08. Commitments
09. Time After Time
10. That Smell
11. Free Bird

Allen Collins - Guitars
Billy Powell - Piano
Leon Wilkeson - Bass
Jimmy Dougherty - Vocals
Barry Lee Harwood - Guitar
Derek Hess - Drums
Randall Hall - Guitar

Here's the only known live recording of the Allen Collins Band.
For collectors only. The vocals are low, but in my opinion, a listeneable show. And a piece of history too...
The correct date is unknown, but I'm sure someone will provide the right information.

A brief history...

The Rossington-Collins Band had called it quits. Reeling from the loss of his beloved wife, Allen Collins had thrown his guitar down on stage and walked out on the band, putting an end to his partnership with Gary Rossington. It was time to regroup.

Allen Collins formed the Allen Collins Band in 1983. Joining him would be his fellow Rossington-Collins bandmates Leon Wilkeson, Billy Powell, Barry Lee Harwood, and Derek Hess, minus Gary Rossington and Dale Krantz. Replacing Rossington would be Collins' friend Randall Hall, and Jimmy Dougherty would assume lead vocal duties.

The band's name was originally Horsepower, but executives at MCA (whom the band released their only album through) wanted a name that would make the band stand out. So, the band was re-christened "The Allen Collins Band".

The band released their first and only album, Here, There, & Back, in 1983. The band proved to be the most Skynyrd-like of all the spin-off bands, performing Skynyrd classics and songs of their new album in concert. Sadly, the band would be short-lived. New MCA boss Irving Azoff wanted nothing to do with Collins, and the record's promotion suffered as a result. The band broke up after only one album.

Allen Collins life went on a downward spiral from there. In 1985, Collins was involved in a horrible car accident that took the life of his girlfriend and left him paralyzed from the waist down. No longer able to play guitar, Collins' career was over.

In order to pay his ever mounting medical bills, Allen and father Larkin Collins got the idea of a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute tour. Original members Gary Rossington, Ed King, Artimus Pyle, Leon Wilkeson, and Billy Powell were joined by Johnny Van Zant on vocals and, taking Allen's place on guitar, Randall Hall. Collins served as a consultant on the tour, selecting set lists and other duties. The tour was a huge success, but one can only imagine the depression Allen went through seeing his friends up on stage and not being able to join them. Another tour followed, but after another disagreement with Rossington and the band, Allen did not join them.

Allen's medical condition deteriorated, and after a bout with pneumonia, Allen died on January 23, 1990. A sad end to a once so vibrant man. In many ways, the death of Allen Collins was the biggest tragedy Skynyrd ever suffered.