A Compilation
In honor of, and with gratitude for, 50 years of exquisite songwriting, performing, producing and arranging.

DISC ONE (67:22)
1. A Certain Girl (2:54)
(Warren Zevon, The Metro, Boston 9/29/1982)
2. Workin' In A Coal Mine (3:40)
(Devo, Radio City Music Hall, NYC 10/31/1981- Devo (3:30)

3. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (7:23)
(George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners, Tipitina's Uptown, NOLA 2/26/1999)
4. Get Out Of My Life Woman (3:21)
(Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Unicorn Coffee House, Cambridge, MA 5/18/1966)
5. Cruel Way To Go Down (4:57)
(Richard Hell, The Grotto, New Haven, CT 3/9/1985)

Ruler Of My Heart (3:52)
(Marianne Faithfull, Cully Jazz Festival, Lavaux, Switzerland 3/29/2007)

Fortune Teller (2:16)
(The Dogs, Rouen, France 9/22/1982)
What Do You Want The Girl To Do? (3:55)(Boz Scaggs w/Allen Toussaint, Municipal Auditorium, NOLA 9/13/1989)

9. Get Out Of My Life Woman (5:26)
(Brian Stoltz, Carrollton Station, NOLA 3/6/2004)
10. On Your Way Down (6:53)
(Little Feat, Orpheum Theatre, Boston 10/31/1975)
11. All These Things (1:39)
(Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo 9/13/1996)
12. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) (3:16)
(Frankie Miller, WDR Studio-L, Koln, Germany 6/3/1976)
13. Fortune Teller (4:20)
(Robert Plant & Allison Krause, Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN 6/15/2008)
14. Happiness (9:34)
(The Pointer Sisters, San Francisco 1983 [BBC Radio 1 Broadcast])
15. It's Raining (3:49)
(Irma Thomas, Voodoo Music Festival, NOLA 10/28/2007)

DISC TWO (70:01)
1. Soul Sister (3:55)
(Chuck Prophet, The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh, NC 6/17/2008)

2. What Do You Want The Girl To Do? (5:16)
(Lowell George, Stage West, West Hartford, CT 6/22/1979)
3. Wonder Woman (3:15)
(Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN 4/23/2008)
4. With You In Mind (4:16)
(Frankie Miller, Paris Theatre, London 1977)
Get Out Of My Life Woman (6:55)
(Nils Landgren, Kulturens Hus, Lulea, Sweden 3/24/2007)
6. Get Out Of My Life Woman (4:29)
(Leon Russell, Fillmore East, New York 11/21/1970)

7. Working In A Coal Mine (6:04)
(PBS, Mid-City Lanes Rock 'n Bowl, NOLA 4/25/2005)
8. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (7:23)
(Phish, Madison Square Garden, NYC 12/30/1997)
9. Fortune Teller (2:29)
(Lords of the New Church, The Agora, Cleveland 6/10/1982)
10. Pain In My Heart (2:36)
(Otis Redding, Birmingham, AL 1967)

Yes We Can Can (4:58)
(The Pointer Sisters, San Francisco 1983 [BBC Radio 1 Broadcast])
12. Riverboat (5:09)
(Elvis Costello & The Confederates, Orpheum Theatre, Boston 10/17/1986)
13. Hercules (6:08)
(Boz Scaggs, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ 7/4/2008)
14. Life (7:02)
(Dr. John, NOJHF, NOLA, 4/28/1986)

DISC THREE (69:38)
1. I'll Take A Melody (12:48)
(Jerry Garcia Band, Warfield Theatre, San Francisco 4/20/1994)
2. Get Out Of My Life Woman (8:55)
(Jerry Garcia Band, Warfield Theatre, San Francisco 4/20/1994)
3. Shoorah (2:46)
(Rita Coolidge w/Allen Toussaint, Municipal Auditorium, NOLA 9/13/1989)
4. With You In Mind (4:45)
(Rita Coolidge w/Allen Toussaint, Municipal Auditorium, NOLA 9/13/1989)
5. Fun Time (2:51)
(Joe Cocker, Hotel Metropol, Berlin 10/31/1980)

6. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (4:19)
(Robert Palmer, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ 10/13/1979)
7. Get Out Of My Life Woman (7:33)
(The Trio +1 - Johnny Vidacovich, George Porter Jr., Mike Dillon & Skerik, The Maple Leaf, NOLA 4/26/2008)

8. Fortune Teller (2:47)
(The Who, Fillmore East, New York 10/1969)

9. Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) (3:35)
(Alex Chilton, Under Acme, New York 5/1/1998)
10. Ruler Of My Heart (2:55)
(Irma Thomas, Voodoo Music Festival, NOLA 10/28/2007)
11. Get Out Of My Life Woman (3:40)
(Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Swimbadclub, Heidelberg, Germany 5/14/1987)
12. Workin' In A Coalmine (3:58)
(The Original Meters, Sea-Saint Studios, NOLA 2/1975)
13. Tell It Like It Is (4:27)
(The Neville Brothers, Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO 4/18/2008)
Southern Nights (4:14)
(Allen Toussaint, Deutsches Jazzfestival, Frankfurt, Germany 10/1992)

THE WORLD'S LONGEST DISCLAIMER: That the listing of songs composed by Allen Toussaint spanned 19 pages, not including seven more pages for Naomi Neville, meant that there would be a whole slew of songs that wouldn't be included here. Some of the omissions should be considered egregious. Java and Mother-In-Law immediately come to mind. There was little I could do about that. If I couldn't find it, I couldn't include it.

These tracks are from a wide variety of sources. Audience recordings of some age, audience recordings of more recent vintage, FM broadcast, soundboard, you name it. Consequently, there's a wide variety of quality. I wasn't selective. If I could find it, I included it. There weren't many choices involved.

Whatever flaws there are are on the masters. Some songs cut early or started late. Some tracks were part of bigger jams or medleys. I isolated them from their surroundings as smoothly as I could.

Nine or 10 of these tracks were culled from my personal collection. The majority were courtesy of Dime. I spent about a month collecting these tracks, searching each and every one of the songs credited to Allen Toussaint (as well as Naomi Neville) at least once. Some others, like those listed above, I searched nearly every day. It is a testament to this great resource we have, bt trackers in general and Dime in particular, that this sort of thing is possible.

One side benefit of this project was being exposed to some artists that I've heard of, but never heard, as well as those I'd never heard of. Folks like Nils Landgren, Frankie Miller, Herman Brood and Chuck Prophet, among others, all acquit themselves quite admirably.

For a final note, it goes without saying that Allen Toussaint is a member of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (albeit in the non-performers category). How he is not a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, at least as of now (July 2008), is unfathomable to me and makes the legitimacy of that institution suspect.

The tapers. This is impossible without them.
The seeders. See above.
The artists. See above.
SIRMick (as always), Tony and Chuck from Sugarmegs for shipping me some songs.
The folks at Dime who made their search engine so user-friendly. It saved me a LOT of time.
Allen Toussaint, of course.

WWOZ-90.7 FM
TIPITINA'S (who i named my dog after)

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