Lonnie BROOKS, Koko TAYLOR and more, Vienne France theatre antique, 1996 july 4th, TV and FM masters FLAC
(Alligator label 25th anniversary All stars band)

In 1996, some Alligator artists made a tour as the "Alligator 25th anniversary All star band".

Corey HARRIS played solo, Kenny NEAL, Lonnie BROOKS and Koko TAYLOR were backed by:

Wayne Baker BROOKS gtr
Ronnie Baker BROOKS gtr
Tom GIBLIN keyb
Calvin Vino LOUDEN gtr
Anthony GRADY bs
Pat DOODY dms

This torrent is from 2 sources: a 90/95 mns TV broadcast (M6 french channel) and a France Inter radio FM broadcast. It's based on the TV source (sat reception) because there was no DJ talk on it; i added FM tracks (with note "FM") when they can't be found on the other source.

The Lonnie BROOKS (and family) set is great, Koko TAYLOR is powerful, great show !

01 (FM)
02 Sweet black angel (FM)
03 (FM)
07 (FM)
08 Howlin' at the moon
09 Watch dog
10 Going back to Louisiana ?
11 (FM)
12 (FM)
13 I'll be your back door man
15 You're using me
17 Come on Mama ?
18 I'm a woman
20 Nothing but a houndog
21 Two trains running
22 Wang dang doodle

01-05: Corey HARRIS solo
06-08: Kenny NEAL and band
09-15: Lonnie BROOKS and band
16-22: Koko TAYLOR and band

VHS played on a Toshiba VR51 deck; Cassettes played on a SD 4051 Marantz deck; zoom H4 for waves; PC; audacity editions; FLAC.

Samples in comments.