Alligator Records Artist Jam
Norwegian Pearl
Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea
Stardust Theatre
February 18, 2016

Source: Zoom H5 > Audacity > Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Toddjun

Selwyn Birchwood
01 talking
02 Queen of Hearts
03 Corporate Drone
04 band introduction
05 Hoodoo Stew

Jarekus Singleton
06 talking
07 Gone On
08 Hero

Shemekia Copeland
09 talking
10 The Battle is Over
11 Crossbone Beach
12 Devil's Hand
13 I Feel A Sin Coming On (w/Sam Brady on keys)

Selwyn, Jarekus & Robert Randolph
14 talking
15 Addicted

Selwyn, Jarekus, Shemekia & Robert Randolph
16 talking
17 Black Cat Bone

Recorded from the 6th row in the center

Selwyn Birchwood
Selwyn Birchwood - guitar, vocals
Courtney Girlie - drums
Regi Oliver - saxophone
Donald "Huff" Wright - bass

Jarekus Singleton
Jarekus Singleton - Guitar & Vocals
Ben Sterling - Bass
Sam Brady - Keys
Maya Kyles - Drums

Shemekia Copeland
Shemekia Copeland - Vocals
Arthur Neilson - Lead Guitar
Ken "Willie" Scandlyn - Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Jenkins - Bass
Robin Gould III - Drums

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