Allman Betts Band
Paramount Theater

fob sennheiser mk2's>marantz pmd620 master 16/44.1 stealth orch. ctr. J seat 111 recorded by tunegrabber.

disc 1
01. "Big Rock Candy Mountain" pre-recorded intro>
Savannah's Dream
02.One More Time
04.Airboats & Cocaine
05.Midnight Rider
06.Blue Sky
07.Southern Rain
08.King Crawler*
09.Shakedown Street*
disc 2
01.In Memory of Elizabeth Reed*
02.Down to the River*
03.River's Run
04.intro's>Magnolia Road
05.Long Gone
06.Pale Horse Rider

note: Derek Woods Band opened
*w/Ron Holloway-sax
Audacity: pan left 20% add +1db gain
Nero: +2db volume to "River's Run".