The Allman Brothers
The Bucolic Frolic Knebworth Park
This is a hither unreleased partial recording of the first appearance of the Allman bothers band at Knebworth, it does have a few issues but is in my mind, better quality in the main than the full show that has previously circulated (which purports to be a radio recording but is most likely not).
The taper JK writes
As for The ABB I really am sorry to have left early but I seem to remember I had to be back at a given time in London and the BR schedule at Stevenage didn’t really help.I had had my share with the Doobies and Van Morrison who had definitely stolen the show. Anyway 44’ is about all that is left:
The deck was a Uher CR 210 it was quite good by 40 years ago standards it was brand new and it was the first time I'd used it (apart from an unsuccessful attempt to tape a Kinks show in Paris in 74:a real bummer for
poor old Ray and a terrible frustration for me; the rain had emptied my
batteries and I was left with three dreadful songs including a terrible
flop with Lola in front of an all-communist audience, real nightmare) I
used BASF chrome tapes but left the regular anti wind foamy stuff which
are great to cut the s's when you speak in front of the mike but
definitely not enough to cope with Knebworth weather, although the wind had died considerably by the time to the Allman's played.

1) Wasted Words.        06:40
2) Done Somebody Wrong. 04:34
3) One way out. 09:16
4) Stromy Monday.       08:08
5) Midnite rider.       04:20
6) Blue Sky.    11:37
Lineage: Uher CR 210 CD> BASF cassette>transfer to digital > CD> 2013 Extract to Mac pro., Adobe audition CS5 , check for dropouts, fixed , declipping ( restore normal ) slight de-essing on sections that sounded a bit too crisp( listened back on three separate systems to check the sibilance )
flac conversion sbe - xact.

Oringianl master by jk remixed and flac transfer 2013 by godzgolfball

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