The Allman Brothers Band
Palace Theatre
Louisville, KY

Source: FOB Nak 300's (x/y, 8th row center) > D5 (analog output) > D7 > DAT
Transfer #1: DAT(1) > coax > Marantz 650 (48 > 44.1) > coax > Roland vs-880 > internal CDR burner > Nero > CDR
Transfer #2: CDR > EAC > WAV > Wavelab 5.01 (fades, dropout repair, L3-Multimaximizer to reduce bass and increase headroom) > FLAC

Set I
Disc 1
1. Statesboro Blues
2. Midnight Rider
3. You Don't Love Me
4. Blue Sky
5. What's Done Is Done
6. Soulshine
7. The Same Thing

Disc 2
1. Dreams I'll Never See
2. Change My Way Of Living

Set II
3. End Of The Line
4. Worried Down With The Blues
5. Back Where It All Begins

Disc 3.
1. Hoochie Coochie Man
2. No One To Run With
3. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed >
4. Drums >
5. Bass >
6. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed >
band intros > encore break
7. Southbound

* w/ Vaylor Trucks (Butch Trucks' son)

This is one of the best sounding Allman Brothers audience recordings I have ever heard. You will have no trouble cranking it up LOUD!

I received this show on three audio CDRs from Donnie Loeffler (thank you!) and have left the tracking for 3 discs. There was a fade out at the end of disc 1, which is still audible. To put this on two 80 minute discs, split the tracks after End of the Line. That way, Disc 1 will be about 75:35 and Disc 2 will be about 75:00 even. You'll hardly notice the brief fade between The Same Thing and Dreams.

Some crowd noise had been removed from the recording before I received it. Several abrupt changes in crowd noise/volume were cross faded. There was a 10 second discontinuity at about 5:30 in Dreams due to a tape flip on the D3 that was plugged into the mics (the unit won't output while the door is open unless you hold down the pause button, or something like that). This has been cross faded. Another small discontinuity at about 9:00 was repaired. There were three channel dropouts, one in the right channel at 1:50:16 and a pair of left channel dropouts in Liz Reed. They have been repaired with the signal from the other channel. Betcha you can't find 'em. You will definately notice the hideous chord change fuckup in Liz Reed, though.


--mhg :: March 15, 2006