Allman Brothers Band
Hilton Amphitheater - Reno, Nevada

source: Nakamichi CM-100's w/ CP-1 Cardioid Capsules->Sony TCD-D7 DAT
location: FOB
taper: Jack Hunt
DAT to cd transfer: Jeff Bowen (1st gen DAT)
cd2flac: cds from Jeff Bowen > cdparanoia > mhwaveedit > shntool > flac

disc 1:
1. Statesboro Blues
2. Midnight Rider
3. Blue Sky
4. You Don't Love Me
5. Change My Way of Living
6. Worried Down With The Blues
7. Goodtime Feeling
8. True Gravity >

disc 2:
1. bass/drums > True Gravity
2. I Know I Oughta Leave
3. Back Where It All Begins
4. Soulshine
5. Jessica
6. One Way Out (w/David Grissom)

notes: the first 10 seconds of "I Know I Oughta Leave" are spliced in from an alternate source due to them being missing from this recording.

No Jaimoe for this show, he was out with the flu