Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Disc 1:
2.Can't Lose What You Never Had
3.Ain't Wastin' Time No More
5.One Way Out*
6.Statesboro Blues*
7.All Along The Watchtower**
8.Feeling Alright**

Disc 2:
1.Black Hearted Woman>
2.Other One/Meltdown Jam>Black Hearted Woman
3.Done Somebody Wrong***
4.The Sky Is Crying****
6.Les Brers In A Minor>
7.Bass>(Derek also on Bass during Bass)
8.Drums> (Oteil also on drums during Drums)
9.Les Brers In A Minor
11.No One To Run With

*w/ Vince Esquire - Guitar
**w/ Dave Mason - Guitar, Bruce Katz - Piano
***w/Luther Dickinson - Guitar
***w/Leslie West - Guitar, Vocals, Bruce Katz - Piano

Source:Neumann KM184>Canare Star Quad cables>Edirol UA-5>PDAudio(coaxial)>Dell Axim X50v>SD card
Location:Lower Balcony, mics split 20 feet, aimed at stacks
Normalized to 100% with Audacity
Track splits and conversion to FLAC with CDWAV
Checked for SBE's with shntool-no errors reported.
Recorded and Seeded by Rabbi Yossi Pollak