The Allman Brothers Band
The Ampitheater
Charlotte, NC
Sunday Night, October 4th, 2009

Source: Busman CK1s (omni, 10 feet high, center front of hill seats, pointed at center of stacks)>Beachtek DXA-10>Sony PCM-D50 (24/44.1)
Post: CD WAVE> Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio (normalize, dither'd to 16 bit)>FLAC Frontend (5, verify, align on sector, tag)>Foobar 2000 (tag complete)
Taped: mrsoul

d1t01 Warm-up
d1t03 Done Somebody Wrong
d1t04 Revival
d1t05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
d1t06 Nobody Left To Run With
d1t07 Midnight Rider
d1t08 Rockin' Horse

d2t01 Soulshine
d2t02 Little By Little (Susan Tedeschi Trucks, guitar/vox fox)
d2t03 Black-Hearted Woman
d2t04 Melissa
d2t05 Les Brers in A Minor (Kofi Burbridge on keys)
d2t06 crowd
d2t07 You Don't Love Me (Gregg on guitar)

Danny Louis on keys for most of the night due to hand injury for Gregg (Gregg played organ and sang on all other than encore and Melissa)
Widespread Panic opened