Allo Darlin'
Indietracks Festival
Midland Railway
Main Stage
Friday 25th July 2014

01 Kings and Queens
02 We Come From The Same Place
03 Crickets In The Rain
04 Wonderland
05 Capriconia
06 History Lessons
07 Dreaming
08 Bright Eyes
09 My Heart Is A Drummer
10 Tallulah
11 Silver Dollars (featuring Emma Kupa)
12 If You Don't Pull (featuring David + Katie from Just Joans)
13 Darren

14 Kiss Your Lips / Graceland (fade out)

Friday night headliners on the main stage

Audience recording

Recording info;

Edirol R-09 / Aiwa CM30 mic. approx 20m from stage

Transfer info;

R-09/pioneer GR555 real time EQ/ Cool Edit track split and levelling/Pioneer PDR-609/Maxell CD-R XLII-80/DBpoweramp to WAV/FLAC level 8 / TLH

Friday night in the warm sunshine, four bands only; Teen Canteen, Spearmint, The Chills and Allo Darlin' Pontiac B has already uploaded the Chills
so I thought I'd give you Allo Darlin'.

Not a favourite band of mine it has to be said, but pleasant enough and they certainly pleased the crowd. My mic was propped up on my
backpack which I'd left midway up the banking to the left of the stage while I'd wandered closer to the front for a better view
(yes its that kind of festival kids - you can leave your stuff aroundand it doesn't get nicked!). The recording came out way better than
I expected, and for an outdoor recording there is hardly any background talking at all which is amazing.

I've listened to it a few times now since doing the transfer and Allo Darlin have grown on me a fair bit. Highlight for me though was when two
of the 'Just Joans' joined the band onstage for a great rendition of a fantastic singalong Just Joans song!

Pontiac B seems to have got all the worthwhile bands taped over the weekend - I wasn't anywhere near as prolific. I only used my recorder
at the main stage on Friday and part of Saturday. This is the best recording of the lot.


12 Aug 2014