Alpha Blondy
February 9, 1998
Center Stage
Atlanta GA

SBD (matrix?)
Sound Quality: B+


disk 1

01 stage announcer
02 Jah Houphouet Boigny Nous Parle (band + backup singers)*
03 Sebe Allah Y'e
04 Come Back Jesus
05 Jerusalem
06 Politiki
07 Kalachnikov Love
08 Bloodshead in Africa
09 Superpowers
10 Idjidja
11 ????
12 Apartheid Is Nazism

disk 2

01 Afriki
02 ???
03 Sweet Fanta Diallo
04 Cocody Rock
05 I Love Paris
06 (talking)
07 Brigadier Sabari
08 Jah Houphouet Reprise (band introductions)
09 (talking)
10 Jerusalem (encore)


This is a recording of Alpha Blondy's first (ever) performance in the United States.

The show was sponsored by a local college radio station, and the radio DJs recorded it from the soundboard onto a cassette master. I was at the show and saw what they were doing. I happened to be housemates with another DJ from the same radio station at the time, and I asked him to find the recording at the station archives and dub me a copy. This is an un-retouched digital copy of that first generation cassette dupe from the origional cassette master. The recording was distributed via cassette copy in the late 80s, and I've given away a few CD copies over the years. This is the first time it is being seeded for trade as far as I know.