Alpha Blondy & Solar System
2006-02-04 (Feb.) Motion, Zingonia/Bergamo - Italy

Taper: Ital-Iano (aka alimantado on DaD)
Position: 5 m = 16,39 Ft /___I___\
Source: DPA's 4061> DPA MMA6000 0dB, 100Hz low cut> DPA DAO0135>
Edirol R1 24/44.100> CF Lexar 4GB
Transfer: USB
Tracking/Resampling: Audacity
Encode: FLAC Frontend Lev. 5 verified

Disc 01 01:03:57

01 - Intro 05:00
02 - Psaume 23/ Jerusalem 07:18
03 - New Dawn 03:43
04 - Hypocrites 04:24
05 - Jah Glory 03:48
06 - Masada 05:37
07 - Cocody Rock 04:53
08 - Politiqui 06:52
09 - Souroukou Logo 06:19
10 - Sweet Fanta Diallo 05:26
11 - Talking 02:50
12 - Sankara 07:47

Disc 02 54:35

01 - Dji 03:41
02 - Peace In Liberia 06:53
03 - Talking 03:02
04 - ??? 05:59
05 - Cheik Amadou Bamba (Vocal) 02:14
06 - Italian presentation of the band 06:02
07 - Sebe Allah Y'e 06:46
08 - Travailler C'est Trop Dur 01:57
09 - Banana 05:16
10 - Brigadier Sabari 12:45


Before this night, I have seen Alpha Blondy, in mega-concerts festival in stadium or giant open-air,
and has seemed to me not a reggae singer.

I truly mistook myself.

The Motion is a medium hall for the concert (those that I prefer), It can contain approximately 2000 persons,
this evening is sold out.

The concert begins normally, as you will be able to listen, Alpha Blondy it comes received from a true roar,
and this participation of the public will condition in positive all the concert.
As I have said before, Alpha Blondy always seemed to me a little different from a Reggae singer,
perhaps the fact that is not Jamaican has always conditioned my mind, putting he every time in a marginal part of my preferences...but it has been just to be African who this evening has made the difference.
The Senegalese and Ivory Coast, they are present for a 30% of the public;
The Intro and Jerusalem they go calm, but after these, the experience has beginning
(never seen mine like this): probably someone of you, have seen show of Bob Dylan - 12 Nov. 1996 Dubuque,
only that here the people jump on the stage in order to embrace he, to kiss he, to kneel down themselves to its feet,
to sing in its microphone in complete adoration for he.
Alpha Blondy has never interrupted one song, indeed, many times from the right it made to go up people and from left the Security pushed it down, therefore if some times you heard that it does not close an acute, strange voices in the
microphone, bass and guitar that take the way, the public scream for nothing, tried to imagine what are happening on the stage. I have tried to see reggae singers run full of fear in back-stage at the first boy who jump.
...only to make my homages to Alpha Blondy.