Alvin Lee
The ElMocambo
Toronto , Ontario
Oct.3 1984 - late show

analog audience recording
taper : keith d.
transfer & mastering : kmg
quality : EX+ (9.5/10)
length : 70:25

lineage : master cassette>Nakamichi (dolby off)>SB Audigy Platinum>
Soundforge>FLAC level 8 (w/ verify & align)

Track List :

01 One Of These Days
02 ***
03 Good Morning Little School Girl
04 Moving Too Fast
05 Slow Blues In C
06 Love Like A Man
07 Ain't Nuthin' Shakin'
08 Drum Solo
09 Help Me
10 I'm Going Home (medley)
11 Choo Choo Mama

*** sorry , I don't know the name of this track......

What better show to blast your eardrums with on a Friday than this amazing recording
of one of the most kick-ass guitarists ever to hold the instrument...... Almost soundboard quality tape with only 2 small flaws :

1- A small drop-out at the beginning of Track 2 (the only tune I didn't recognize)

2- Alvin's vocals are a bit buried in the mix - the taper was VERY close to Lee's guitar amps

Also , one of the few times a rowdy (& drunk) audience actually adds to the over-all
ambience .... Alvin seems to feed off of it & delivers the goods (but doesn't he always)

Definitely a show no Alvin Lee fan(atic) should be without - don't even THINK of hestitating!

Special thanx to Keith for loaning me his master & granting permission to circulate it....

For those who were there & the rest of us poor bastards who weren't.......