Alvin Lee-The Strand,Providence,R.I. U.S.A .1994-10-25

Source:Audience Recording(Unknown Deck/Mics)>1st Generation Cassette Copy>Sony TC-D5M Cassette Deck(Playback)>

Edirol R-09 HR(24/44.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using

Traders Little Helper.

Setlist:(Will Fit On 1 Disc)

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Take It Easy(W/Drum Solo)
Slow Blues IN "C"
I Don't Give A Damn
Johnny B.Goode
Love Like A Man(Cut)
I'm Going Home
Choo Choo Mama
Rip It Up


1)I Received This Show Shortly After This Show Happened Doing A Cassette Trade.Unfortuneately The Show IS

Incomplete(On The Cassette J-Card,The Taper Commented "Got There Late").If The Setlist Follows Most Of The Shows

From The Tour,Likely The 1st 3 Songs Of The Show Are Missing:"Keep On Rocking","Long Legs",And "Hear Me Callin".

This Show Does Not Have The Setlist Listed In The Late Great Herb Staehr's Book "Alvin Lee And Ten Years After-

Visual History",Which Makes Me To Believe That This Show Is Rare In Circulation.

2)Quality Is About A-(Subjective Of Course).Samples Included.

3)"Love Like A Man" Cut On My Copy(Likely On The Master Tape Also).

4)After The Show Ends,The Taper Comments: "We Only Missed A Song And A half"(Likely More),But What Do You Expect

For 6 Bucks"! ($6.00 For A Show--Ah,The Good old Days!!)