Alvin Lee
October 30, 1994
Shank Hall,
Milwaukee, WI

Master audience recording

Recording rig: Sonic Studios DSM-6P mikes>Sony WMD-6C>Maxell XLII-S 100 tape (dolby C on)

Lineage: master tape>Harmon Kardon TD 302, heads aligned to tape, dolby C decoded>Zoom H2 @16/44.1>
PC>tracked via wavepad)>FLAC (level 8 ) and checksums via traderslittlehelper
Field recording and all other mastering by arfarf.
No EQ or other sweetening of what I am hoping is an accurate reflection of the master recording.
Analog to digital transfer 2012-08-13

--Disc 1 -47:51--

01 -banter-
02 Keep On Rockin'
03 Long Legs
04 Hear Me Callin'
05 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06 -Band Intros-
07 Take It Easy
08 Slow Blues In C

--Disc 2 -32:53--

01 Cannonball Rag
02 I Don't Give A Damn
03 Love Like A Man
04 I'm Going Home>
Rockabilly Medley>
I'm Going Home
--First Encore--
05 -applause-
06 Choo Choo Mama
--Second Encore-
07 //Rip It Up

Show notes: British blues rockers Nine Below Zero opened this show,
and members of NBZ supported Alvin Lee on bass and drums,
and on a few songs, harmonica.
Gerry McAvoy - Bass
Brendan O'Neil - drums
Alan Glen - harmonica

Notes: Total running time 80:45,
some my be able to overburn this onto one disc.
Disc change is seamless.
Tape flipped @ 03:30 of Disc 2 track 02
Tape paused @ 00:15 of Disc 2 track 05
Tape paused @ end of Disc 2 track 06
Setlist help always welcome.

As always, I am offering this in hopes that it be further shared.
My bandwidth is limited, so all are welcome and encouraged
to share this on other trackers.
"Don't even think about it, just do it." -Bob Weir