Alvin Lee and Ten Years Later Chicago International Amphitheater Aug. 4th 1978

I recorded Alvin Lee many times and always wondered why no one seem to care. I
had some great times seeing this classic guitarist. I will start with what
I believe to be his best performance. He also played longer at this show then any
other time I had seen him. The Amphitheaters accoustics came out good on this one.
I was 18th row main floor right center. Very nice listen from a classic. I thought
Ten Years Later was as good as After. Tremendus bass playing.

AC-DC w/Bon backed up this show! DAMN IT...I GOT THERE LATE!

Analog Master RB

18th row right center main floor
Cassettes: Maxell UD XL I C-90
DECK: Technics RS-646DS
MICS: Teac ME-80 (Nak cm-300)
Dolby On for recording.

Tape masters played back on Rotel RD-870 with speed and tape alignment adjusted.
Dolby off for playback!
Using Chord Company cables from Naim...
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp
to the Teac CDR-2000 Standalone.
Mastered to Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI W/adaptec 2930
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or slower on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB

All my uploads are exactly as the master...RAW! This includes all
if any...gaps, cut songs, pops and bad tracking. But if I were you,
don't let this discourage you to download.

This was recorded one channel on a stereo recorder. Please listen one time through
as if it was in stereo. I guarantee a listen with a more subtle musical information.
It may not be as loud as in two channels, but there also won't be any phase cancellations


*Please post after you have heard the show!*

Alvin Lee - Guitar
Mick Hawksworth - Bass
Tom Compton - Drums

CD 1

01 Inroduction
02 Gonna Turn You On
03 Good morning little school girl
04 Help Me
05 It's A Gas / Bass Solo
06 Bass solo / It's A Gas

CD 2

01 Ain't Nothing Shakin'
02 Drum solo / Ain't Nothing Shakin
03 Bass Boogie / Hey Joe
04 I'm Going Home
05 Choo Choo Mama
06 Rip It Up
07 Sweet Little Sixteen