26th October � 21st December 1981: ALVIN LEE BAND - European & US Tour.
Volume 04:
29th October: Rome, Italy

This is the part four of a series of rare recordings of Mick Taylor with the Alvin Lee Band in 1981. With thanks to nzb who provided two rare shows (Salisbury& Chicago), to Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who sent me all of his tapes from this era and gave critic and advise regarding my work and to my friend Riccardo (MrNo) who participated to a big part of my collection.

Line-up: MT (gtr; some p)/Alvin Lee (voc, gtr)/Fuzzy Samuels (bass)/Tom Compton (dr)

01 - One Of These Days
02- Honey Pie (aka Pecan Pie)
03- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04 - Slow Blues In C
05 - Love Like A Man
06 - Going Through The Door
07 - Slow Down
08 - Can�t Stop
01 - I�m Writing You A Letter
02 -Scat Thing/Just Another Boogie
03 -Band introduction/Help Me
04 - I'm Going Home
05 - Choo Choo Mama
06 -Sweet Little Sixteen
(infos taken from The Rolling Stones Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf

I already posted an upgraded version from this show in September 2016 - here are my (slightly reworked) comments from back then:

This show was posted on IORR by �Riccardo�99� the tapes were coming from �Crazy Mama� and the original tapers were given credit on the artwork with "to Brigitte and G�nter : I thank you all a lot for your generosity".
Listening to the tape I was thinking that it can be improved and so I tried. :
First I equalized it (adding little more medium frequencies) and then I amplified it (+ 4db), I rebalanced both channels and at last I amplified the final result.
I also upgraded the beginning/end of the cd's, cut the default coming from the recording in track 08 (�Can�t Stop�) (from 5�20 till 5�30), cut the gap at the end of the tracks on CD n�2: the transitions are better but a little rough, also at the end of �Band introduction/Help Me�, two gaps on �Choo Choo Mama�, and the end of �Sweet Little Sixteen� remain drought.
I created a new artwork to include this show in the series.

Posted by StonyRoad in April 2017

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