Alvin Lee with Mick Taylor, Paris, Palace 1981 november 12, aud SM master FLAC

I think boots were made from my recording but surely not from the master.
This is the first upload from my original cassette.

Recorded from balcony, using beyer dynamic M 201N mics and Sony TCD5 recorder.
Souvenir from good old days...

01 One of These Days
02 Pecan Pie
03 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
04 Slow Blues In C
05 Love Like A Man
06 Going Through The Door
07 Can't Stop
08 Just Another Boogie
09 I'm Writing You A Letter
10 I'm Going Home
11 Choo Choo Mama
12 Sweet Little Sixteen
13 Encore jam with audience
14 Slow Down

Cassette played on a Luxman K 112 deck; zoom H4 for wave files; PC; audacity for pitch, volume and tracking; FLAC.

Samples in comments.