Amanda Palmer & the Dangerous Ensemble
La Boule Noire
Paris, France
Oct 23 2008

CD 1:

2.Funeral intro
3.Astronaut (A Short History of Nearly Nothing)
5.Blake Says
6.Amanda speaks
7.Bad Habit (The Dresden Dolls song)
8.Strength Through Music
9.Guitar Hero
10.Mrs. O (The Dresden Dolls song)
11.Coin-Operated Boy (The Dresden Dolls song)

CD 2:

1.Look, mummy, no hands (Dillie Keane cover)
2.Half Jack (The Dresden Dolls song)
3.Umbrella (Rihanna cover)
4.Amanda speaks
5.Le Port d' Amsterdam (Jacques Brel cover)
6.Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
7.Elisa (Serge Gainsbourg cover)
8.Creep (Radiohead cover)


I can say that this recording is certainely the
best recording I've made in 15 years....and what a show!!!
The band and the audience are really into it...
Lots of greats moments,imo, the most intense moment is the
"Look, mummy, no hands"version, amazing...can't stop listening to it...
If you love AFP / The Dresden dolls, just get it, you won't be disappointed.

Cardioids > Preamp > TCD-D8 > DAT(M) > Digital transfer >
WAV > Soundforge (maximize volume, tracking etc) > CDR(0) >

enjoy and keep seeding!

Yann (ufff)