Bergen, Holland

Thank You Hans for another very nice recording!

Hans FM WAV -> Nak Transfer -> WaveLab 7 (tracking, minor editing) -> xACT (Flac, SBE)


01. Don't Cross the River
02. I Need You
03. Look Up, Look Down
04. Tuning/Amsterdam Story
05. Three Roses >
06. Comin' Into Los Angeles (Arlo Guthrie Cover)
07. Tuning
08. A Horse With No Name
09. Everyone I Meet Is From California
10. Sandman

Gary Beckley
Dewey Bunnel
Dan Peek

Edit notes:
Fade in and out
Normalize to 0 db
Removed one dropout
Removed two instances of DJ chatter (maybe 5 seconds at most altogether - unnoticeable)
smoothed over where station stopped tape before encore - barely noticeable

This started out very clean and it runs very smooth now and is an enjoyable listen!