paris (F)pavillion de paris ( porte de pantin)

FM master recorded by BULLE75
of the french radio station FRANCE INTER
using an AGFA SM super-ferro-dynamic 90+6 cassette

transfer: master cassette played back on-nak cr7e- azimuth corrected--> edirol09-->
HD-- cd wave--nero smoothing-- flac(8)

mind you the french Dj talks between all songs and sometimes it affects the beginng of the song i tracked in general after he had (almost) shut up ! or in his words

"pas de panic"


01 tinman ( somewhat weak transmission)
02 muscrat love
03 daisy chain ( sound has improved)
04 babe it's up to you ?
05 ?
06 sister golden hair
07 sandman
08 dj talk
09 encore-horse with no mame
10 dj talk
11 w POCO/ don't cross the river

this is a double feature on radio " france inter"
the first band that night was Poco
* find POCO not here (because its on the NAB LIST)

i assembled the cd as to be continiuos from the poco opening .. thats why it start unsmoothed

transferred and uploaded to dime by hanwaker march 2008