America - 1976-04-24 Boston Garden, Boston, MA

April 24, 1976
Boston Garden, Boston, MA
Audience recording, good quality

Here's another America show, from a bit later in their career (past their early peak years), but still while all 3 original members were present and the live shows were solid. This show starts out great, featuring several of their early classic songs, but then lags considerably in the second half, when they play songs from their then-current album, the relatively lackluster Hideaway ('Jet Boy Blue'?!, 'She's a Liar'?, 'Don't Let it Get You Down'?), before finishing strong with rousing versions of 'Horse', 'Golden Hair', and 'Sandman'.

Disc 1
01. Three Roses
02. Don't Cross The River
03. Muskrat Love
04. Riverside
05. Ventura Highway
06. I Need You
07. Tin Man
08. Baby, It's Up To You
09. Amber Cascades
10. Moon Song
11. Lonely People
12. Today's The Day
13. Old Virginia
14. Old Man Took

Disc 2
01. Daisy Jane
02. Jet Boy Blue
03. She's A Liar
04. Woman Tonight
05. Don't Let It Get You Down
06. Company
07. A Horse With No Name
08. Sister Golden Hair
09. Sandman