American Aquarium
Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL 2010-05-05

lineage: Sony ECM Mic -> Sony HI-MD -> Sonic Stage -> wav -> Nero(tracking) -> flac 8

1. Katherine Belle
2. Ain't Going to the Bar Tonight
3. Abe Lincoln
4. Queen of the Scene
5. Hurricane
6. Good Fight
7. Jacksonville
8. Old North State
9. Louisiana Beauty Queen
10. Lover Too Late
11. Nothing to Lose
12. Clark Ave
13. I Hope He Breaks Your Heart

Track 4 is a cover of a song by Raleigh Band the Backsliders

Tracks 8 and 9 are performed by Bj solo.

Their keyboard player left the band, so there are no keyboards. That means that
the steel player's role has expanded and some of the arrangements have been
adjusted accordingly. So, this is worth getting for that reason alone, if you
like the band.

Quality is pretty good. The sound wasn't as good as the last two times I
recorded them (that's on the sound guy). Actually, the recording sounds better
than the live sound in the room.

Accordinly, if you aren't familiar with the band I'd start with one of the shows
from last summer. They are still on the tracker and are being seeded.

And, I'll end by saying that if you are a fan of the Americana type stuff, you
really should listen to this band. They are the best discovery I've made in
years. Yeah. They are THAT good.

BJ Barham - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Whit Wright - Pedal Steel
Ryan Johnson - Lead Guitar
Chris Serino - Bass
Kevin McClain - Drums