American Aquarium Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, Fl 2011-07-09 lineage: Sony ECM Mic -> Sony HI-MD -> Sonic Stage -> wav -> Nero(tracking) -> flac 8 1. Redheads and Adderall 2. Katherine Belle 3. Ain't going to the Bar Tonight 4. Tennessee 5. Saint Mary's 6. Good Fight 7. Nothing to Lose 8. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 9. Louisiana Beauty Queen 10. G-String Jam 11. Cape Fear River 12. Lonely Ain't Easy 13. Jacksonville 14. Highway Patrolman 15. City Lights 16. banter 17. Road to Nowhere 18. I Hope He Breaks Your Heart 19. Clark Ave BJ Barham - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Whit Wright - Pedal Steel Ryan Johnson - Lead Guitar Bill Corbin - Bass Kevin McClain - Drums Jay Shirley - organ BJ broke a string at the beginning of Louisiana Beauty Queen, but they soldiered on. It just happend to be the G-String, so he turned it into a joke, and the band vamped while he got a replacement guitar. The vocal mic was replaced at the end of Road to Nowhere. That's Rob the soundman saying "Boobies". A Cursive Memory and Darkhorse Saloon opened. And, for those who want more: Here's a nice batch of shows.