American Aquarium
Tivoli Vredenburg- Cloud Nine
Utrecht, Netherlands

12th November 2015

Soundboard-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]
A Dutchbird production
16bit/44.1kHz version

Opening show of the Dutch tour and my first of two shows to see them.
I hadn't planned to see them in Utrecht, only in Amterdam. Due a mistake on my side I bought a ticket for this show.
As it doesn't take a lot of time to go to Utrecht I decided to go. The fact that Cloud Nine has excellent sound helped.
Even with mics you get a good result, but getting a board feed is always great.

It took some persuasion to get board access, but thanks to American Aquarium's agents, Sandra and Luciano of Lucky Dice Music
I was allowed to plug in. 90% of the audience was male, so one female taper looked innocent.
I was happy I could plug in, because there was one screamer, who really was a nuisance. After a remark from somebody in the audience
about him, BJ said "Jacksonville" went out to the asshole.

Once the recorder was running I could go the balcony where I had spotted one vacant seat.
Now American Aquarium is the kind of band you have to watch standing, but I was happy to claim this seat after a hard day's work in
my professional career.

After the show I went to the signing session. I already have all CD's, but I asked BJ if he could play "I Hope He Breaks Your Heart" next
week at the Paradiso. He answered he'd play it for me.

I've been at their first show in The Netherlands in 2011 when they were a bunch of young guys who still lived the rock 'n' roll life.
Since then they have matured and they get better with each year.

BJ Barham- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ryan "Silky" Johnson- Lead Guitar
Whit Wright- Pedal Steel
Bill Corbin- Bass
Kevin McClain- Drums
Colin Dimeo- Lead Guitar

Setlist [01:40:39]
1. Man I'm Supposed To Be
2. Wolves
3. Southern Sadness
4. Hurricane
5. Banter
6. Nothing To Lose
7. Northeast Texas Women <Willis Alan Ramsey>
8. End Over End
9. Banter
10. Losing Side Of Twenty-Five
11. Lonely Ain't Easy
12. Road To Nowhere [BJ Barham w/Whit Wright]
13. The Unfortunate Kind [BJ Barham w/Whit Wright] (unreleased)
14. Band returns
15. Abe Lincoln <Chip Robinson>
16. Cape Fear River
17. City Lights
18. Betting Man
19. Banter
20. Family Problems
21. Burn.Flicker.Die (incl. band intros)
22. Crowd
23. Water In The Well [BJ Barham solo]
24. "asshole talk"
25. Jacksonville