American Fiddle Ensemble
November 22, 2002
Sebastopol Community Center, Sebastopol, CA

The American Fiddle Ensemble is:
Darol Anger, fiddle
Brittany Haas, fiddle
Scott Nygaard, guitar
Rushaad Eggleston, cello

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first set: ---------------------- ------ --------------- introduction by Cloud Moss Old Dangerfield Sand Karaté Borjar Du Fatta / Kaptain Kapsul Dzinoma Mun Save Melt The Teakettle Dreamer's Waltz Salt River ---------------------- ---------------------- Name ------ --------------- introduction Lost In The Loop Andre De Sapato Novo Where To Now? Sneezin' Are You Tired Of Me My Darling? Fall On My Knees Grigsby's Hornpipe ----------------------

Mixed, recorded and mastered by Easy Ed.

Midas Venice 320 soundboard (multichannel direct outs) > Mackie 1604VLZ (live mixdown to stereo out)> Sony PCM-R300 > coax digital out (live) > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > desktop PC > Sound Forge > Waves C4 multiband compressor (bass compress/high freq limit, low level enhance) > TC Reverb Drum Room Bright setting (20% on the music portions, 8% on spoken portions) > normalization > CD Architect > Plextor 24/10/40a > my master cdrs > EAC > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries

This was the first and only time I tried a recording like this. Since this venue is ten minutes from where I live, I brought a desktop PC and a 16 channel mixer to the show. (I didn't own a laptop nor a way to stream more than two channels simultaneously like I do now). I took direct outs for every channel, fed them to my 16 channel mixer, mixed it live as it happened down to stereo into my DAT, which was just serving as an A/D convertor (not recorded to tape), digital out to my desktop PC's digital soundcard, right into Sound Forge. Also unique in this offering is that this version of the recording is one that has undergone processing: I usually like to present recordings unaltered but in this case with much experimenting I feel that I have enhanced the sound. If anyone would prefer the straight recording before any enhancements feel free to contact me.

This recording was made with the knowledge and consent of Darol Anger and of Cumulus Productions (the presenters of the concert). Cumulus Productions ( puts on many fine concerts at the Sebastopol Community Center and also presents the Kate Wolf Festival and the Sebastopol Celtic Music Festival.

Included in this torrent are a cd booklet and tray in pdf format.