Slaid Cleaves, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Lynn Miles, Larry John McNally.
American Songwriters Circle
Borderline, London

Recorded on Sony mini disc recorder at MDLP. Uploaded to Sonic Stage via MZ RH1 then track listing and FLAC conversion in Magix ACL.

Track list:

CD 1

1. Over you (LM)
2. Rabbit (RWH)
3. Road too long (SC)
4. Nobody's girl (LJM)
5. Casino El Camino (LM)
6. The messenger (RWH)
7. Wishbones (SC)
8. Buddy Holly (LJM)
9. Black Flowers (LM)
10. Conversations with the devil (RWH)
11. One good year (SC)


1. Chain link fence (LJM)
2. The middle of the night (LM)
3. Name droppin' (RWH)
4. Horses and divorces (SC)
5. Little satellite (LJM)
6. Surrender Dorothy (LM)
7. Wanna rock and roll (RWH)
8. Borderlines (SC)
9. Just my imagination (LJM)
10. Unravel (LM)
11. Up against the wall redneck mother
12. This morning I am born again (SC � off mic)
13. I aint got no home (SC)/Simple song of freedom (RWH)
14. Imagine (LM)
15. Amazing Grace (LJM)