October 28, 2000
Private Party
Hopewell, NJ

Source: Schoeps CMC621 (mod. ORTF 110deg/27cm) > Apogee AD-1000 >
Sony TCD-D8 @ 44.1kHz by Craig Hillwig

Transfer: DAT Master; Sony PCM-2600 > Audioquest coax > Turtle Beach Fiji >
Soundforge 4.5 > CDWave 1.62 > mkwAct 0.97b (SHN seek tables appended).
7/2003 by Craig Hillwig

SHN file set converted to FLAC, .md5 and .ffp files created with xACT 2.13
on 10/27/2011 by Craig Hillwig

Set 1:

d1t01. Intro
d1t02. Elevate Me Later
d1t03. Olivia's Pool
d1t04. Appreciate
d1t05. Dirt
d1t06. Flare
d1t07. Way I Feel
d1t08. Ribbon of Sun

Set 2

d2t01. Intro
d2t02. Jam >
d2t03. The Wedge
d2t04. Back to Mesopotamia*
d2t05. Onion
d2t06. Drunk By Noon
d2t07. If I Can't Turn to You, To Whom Can I Turn
d2t08. Brian & Robert
d3t01. In Love With This World
d3t02. Face in the Crowd
d3t03. Ribbon of Sun
d3t04. Unless You Wanted Me To >
d3t05. To Be Real
d3t06. Olivia's Pool

* debut; w/ Ed Wilson on guitar

Tom Marshall - keys, vocals
Pete Cottone - drums
Chris Harford - guitar, vocals
Matt Kohut - bass
Scott Metzger - guitar
Andrew Southern - guitars, bass, vocals
J.P. Wasicko - drums

There was a small PA for vocals. The rest of the mix is basically the back line.
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