Amy Helm
Reservoir Hill
Four Corners Folk Festival
Pagosa Springs, CO

Schoeps MK41(dina)>KC5>CMC6>Channel 1&2/SBD>Channel 3&4>Tascam DR60 @ 24/48
Soundboard-Audience Matrix
Processing- SDHC Card>Dell Inspirion>Audacity(mixing/normalizing)>Cool Edit Pro>CD Editor (tracking)TLH (FLAC 8)
Recorded by & Processed by Richard Skaggs

01- Introduction
02- Cotton and Cane
03- Didn't It Rain
04- Burden
05- Rescue Me
06- River of Love
07- To Kingdom Come
08- Atlantic City*
09- Scooter sets up a mic at the drum kit for Amy
10- Can't Stand the Rain
11- Only You Know
12- Good News
13- She Don't Love You
14- Glory Land^
15- Yes We Can^

*w/Lindsay Lou
^w/Lindsay Lou and Kiad Debic

Thanks to 4CFF for all the good music for the last 24 years. Looking forward to the next phase with KSUT at the wheel.
Thanks to Norm for getting in early and getting the spot, and letting me clamp.