amy ray (of indigo girls, kristen hall, michelle malone, kevn kinney
red light cafe
atlanta, georgia
atlanta harm reduction center benefit

lineage: unknown. have been collecting ig boots since 1989, some on cassette (converted to wav using cool edit pro 2.1), some on cd, and some from torrents, but never kept any records of what came from where. converted to flac using trader's little helper 2.7.0.

***contains no commercially released material***


01. talking with the crowd (amy ray and matt coldiron) (3:18)
02. tumbleweed (kristen hall) (4:37)
03. flagpole (michelle malone) (4:09)
04. talking with the crowd (amy ray) (0:48)
05. covered for you (amy ray) (4:01)
06. (welcome to the) sun tangled angel revival (kevn kinney) (4:22)
07. wonderful (kristen hall) (4:09)
08. cry me a river (michelle malone) (4:27)
09. lucystoners (amy ray) (3:24)
10. kinda like you (kevn kinney) (4:44)
11. sugarland (kristen hall) (4:57)
12. honeysuckle lullaby (michelle malone) (3:29)
13. talking with the crowd (amy ray) (0:56)
14. cordova (amy ray) (3:46)
15. wishes (kevn kinney) (3:31)
16. talking with the crowd (amy ray) (0:20)
17. stand back up (kristen hall) (4:03)
18. preacher's daughter (michelle malone) (4:05)
19. give in (amy ray) (2:10)
20. let's go dancing (kevn kinney) (4:46)
21. talking with the crowd - shame on you (amy ray) (7:55)
22. talking with the crowd (amy ray and and david holgrave) (0:54)
23. misson of love (kristen hall) (2:59)
24. lafayette (michelle malone) (3:44)
25. talking with the crowd (michelle malone and amy ray) (2:54)
26. tether (amy ray) (3:57)
27. the times they are a-changin' (kevn kinney) (7:55)

an excellent sounding recording of a daemon records benefit show for the atlanta harm reduction center. feature kristen hall, michelle malone, kevn kinney, and amy ray all performing acoustic and in the round. also has a very neat rendition of "shame on your" with amy, michelle, and auction winner david hargrave.