Ana Popovic
Bethlehem, PA, USA
Musikfest: Americaplatz

Taper: chadhogg
Source: Zoom H-2 (internal mics) -> WAV -> Audacity (normalization, track splits) -> FLAC -> DAD

d1t01 Wrong Woman
d1t02 Is This Everything There Is
d1t03 How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That
d1t04 Hungry
d1t05 Blues For M
d1t06 Recall The Days
d1t07 Change My Mind
d1t08 You Don't Move Me

d2t01 Navajo Moon
d2t02 Nothing Personal
d2t03 Steal Me Away
d2t04 Let Me Love You Baby
d2t05 House Burning Down
d2t07 Hold On

Ana Popovic - Guitar / Vocals
James Pace - Keyboards
Ronald Jonker - Bass
Stephane Avellaneda - Drums

Track d1t09 sounds a lot like a Stevie Ray Vaughan track to me, but I cannot place it and the lyrics that I could pick out are unknown by Google. She mentioned that she would be playing some tracks from an upcoming album, so I suspect this is one of them. Track d2t06 is an instrumental.

I think I was sitting roughly centered but pretty far back for this show, but the sound is good. 8/10.