Anais Mitchell and Friends
Greater Boston Sings Hadestown
April 16, 2010
Club Passim
Cambridge, MA

01 Wedding Song
02 character introductions
03 Epic Part One
04 Way Down Hadestown
05 Hey Little Songbird
06 Gone, I'm Gone
07 When the Chips Are Down
08 Wait For Me
09 Why We Build the Wall
10 orchestra introductions
11 Our Lady of the Underground
12 Flowers (Eurydice's Song)
13 Nothing Changes
14 If It's True
15 Papers (Hades Finds Out)
16 How Long
17 Epic Part Two
18 acknowledgements
19 Lover's Desire
20 His Kiss, The Riot
21 Doubt Comes In
22 I Raise My Cup to Him
23 tumultuous applause

Anais Mitchell - Eurydice
Peter Mulvey - Orpheus
Tim Gearan - Hades
Kris Delmhorst - Persephone
Dinty Child - Hermes
Rose Polenzani, Anne Heaton, Melissa Myers - The Fates

Michael Chorney - guitar
Robinson Morse - bass
Geza Carr - drums
Nelson Caldwell - cello
Adam Moss - viola
Andrew Moroz - trombone
Ana�s Mitchell - guitar
Dinty Child - harmonica, accordion, melodica
Melissa Myers - saw

Songs by Anais Mitchell
Score by by Michael Chorney
Vocal charts by Rose Polenzani
House mix by Matt Smith

Joyfully recorded, mixed and mastered by Keith Bergendorff
SBD > Oade PMD661 + Milab VM-44 Link (DIN 5' from stage 6' up) > Grace V3 > Oade R-44
Post-processing: Voxengo r8brain, Adobe Audition, Algorithmix PEQ Red and LP SplitComp, CD Wave