Ana�s Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer in session with Mark Radcliffe
BBC Radio 2
27th February 2013

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Mark Radcliffe presents Radio 2's new folk and acoustic show, live from Salford Quays.

This week, Mark is joined by American duo Ana�s Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer for a live session. Ana�s, from Vermont, released one of the best-received albums of last year: Young Man in America. Her song 'Tailor', from that album, was nominated in the Best Original Song category of the 2013 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

Singer and guitarist Jefferson Hamer appeared on Young Man in America but the pair have since formed a formal duo to record a new record called Child Ballads. As the title suggests, all of the tracks on the album are traditional songs from the collection of Francis James Child.

Months before its release, Child Ballads has created a buzz of anticipation among critics and fans, and as Ana�s and Jefferson visit the UK for a tour, Mark welcomes them to the BBC's Salford studios for a live session.

1. Interview Part 1 (1.24)
2. Clyde Waters (Live) (5.57)
3. Intro To Geordie (0.38)
4. Geordie (Live) (3.28)
5. Interview Part 2 (7.59)
6. Tam Lin (Live) (6.50)
7. Interview (Baby Announcement)Part 3 (0.51)

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