AND ALSO THE TREES - Bern (Switzerland), ISC Outdoors Festival, 12 September 1992

This is a New Year's present for all AATT fans out there. It's a rare soundboard recording of their appearance at the ISC Outdoors Festival in Bern, Switzerland on 12 September 1992. It's an interesting setlist including songs like "Scythe and Spade", "Blind Opera", "The Secret Sea" and "The Headless Clay Woman".

LINEAGE: Analogue Tape (SBD - 2nd generation) > Philips PDR-555 RW CD Recorder > FLAC (level 8)


01. Red Valentino
02. The Woodcutter
03. The Secret Sea
04. The Street Organ
05. Scarlet Arch
06. The Fruit Room
07. Blind Opera
08. Scythe and Spade
09. The Headless Clay Woman
10. A Room Lives in Lucy
11. Mermen of the Lea
12. Slow Pulse Boy
13. The Pear Tree
14. Jacob Fleet
15. Prince Rupert
16. The Suffering of the Stream
17. Virus Meadow

(TT 81:33)

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Enjoy the show and if you like what you hear, PLEASE leave a comment!!

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