Anders Osborne 11-feb-2005
Funk Box Baltimore, Maryland

--- cd90 1/1 (81:49) ---

01 [tuning]
02 had my reasons
03 i've got a woman
04 dream catcher +
05 it ain't you * +
06 ya ya *
07 aim way high * **

* = with John Gros (organ, electric piano)
** = with June Yamagishi (guitar), Jason Mingledorff (saxophone)
+ = only version of this song I have

rate=44.1kHz source=dsbd time=01:22 quality=10

note=Anders Osborne (guitar, vocals), Kirk Joseph (sousaphone),
note=Tim Green (saxopohone), Eric Bolivar (drums),
note=guests from Papa Grows Funk: John Gros (organ, electric piano),
note= June Yamagishi (guitar), Jason Mingledorff (saxophone)

note=also have Papa Grows Funk's set (they played second)
note=Anders, et al jammed with PGF during their set too
note=raised levels +10.0 dB via audacity, except cd1 01:26 to 05:13.75 +8.0 dB

note="i've got a woman" wasn't released until two years later on 'Coming Down'

note=my master DAT was riddled with upstream gear problems, so got clone from another guy

note=I attended this show and taped it (but my tape was messed up)
note=Funk Box was the name of 8x10 Club for a few years (different owners)

note=sbd > DAT > CDR > CDR